A B O U T    U S

Dr. Yanti Beyond Treatment is one of the best and most well-equipped beauty clinics in Indonesia. With proffesional services done by medics who are experienced in their field, using the latest technology on an international standard, Dr. Yanti Beyond Treatment’s clinic can be trusted by men and women in need of skin, face and/or body care and even preventative actions for you best bodily health.

O U R     V I S I O N

Dr. Yanti Beyond Treatment’s vision is to become The Pioneer in the fields of Aesthetic and Preventative health care with the most up to date innovation on an International standard

O U R     M I S S I O N

Dr. Yanti Beyond Treatment’s mission is in humanity, Educating and Changing the mind set of society patterns about their awareness in how important Preventative health care is compared to Curative health care where it is usually too late to fix. Hence the concept Dr. Yanti Beyond Treatment, Healthy Inside Beauty Outside for Excellent Service was made.